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Pseudonym reading Nauchi togeichizuka
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date May 4, 1985
Specified details
location Ichinohe-cho, one family character Omochizawa, character Okoshida
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ichinohe Town (visiting cultural assets of Ichinohe Town) Gosho No Jomon Park (Introduction of designated cultural assets of Ichinohe Town)


Of the two provinces in Iwate Prefecture, Otoshu Dochu (Oshu Highway), Fichiko, Narita Irizuka, Ono Matsuri Irizuka, Mido, Ibamatsu Iritsuka, Kawabe Ilizuka, Namibatori Irizuka, are left.
This Nanami-machi-ri-ritsuka is in the form of a circular earth wharf, and it is valuable because it retains the perfect shape at the time of construction.
East side mound: diameter 11 m, height 2 m 50 cm.
West side mound: diameter 11 m 50 cm, height 2 m 25 cm.