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Pseudonym reading Prefecture designation
Specified type
Type Historic site
Designated date May 4, 1985
Specified details
location Ichinohe Nakayama Jade
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ichinohe Town (visiting cultural assets in Ichinohe Town)
Gosho No Jomon Park (Introduction of designated cultural assets in Ichinohe town)


It is one village of Oshu Road (Oshu Kaido) built in Iwate Town Gido.
It remains in pairs on the east and west of the road.
The top of both mounds shows some traces of manual manipulation, but it remains almost intact.
It has a round earth-head shape.
Higashi-side mound (Babamatsu): 11 m in diameter, 11 m in height, 2 m 30 cm in Nakayama, Ichinohe town
West side mound (Mido): Iwate-cho Oji Gido third place divided letter upper residence 10 m 50 cm in diameter, height 1 m 75 cm