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Naigu (equipments) in Kyozo (Sutra Repository), in Chuson-ji

Designation National Treasure
Classification Arts and Crafts
Designated Date June 9,1951
Address Aza-Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi
Holder Daichoju-in
Administrator Chuson-ji
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


1 Wooden Raiban, 1 Raden-Hirachirian, 1 Keika, 1 Fu-Kujaku-Monkei,
1 Candlestick of Raden-Hirachirian,

Wooden Reiban
height:15.4cm, 65.4cm square-wide

Raiban is a wooden box-shaped altar with black lacquered
It used gold lacquer for top and bottom rails, and have metal ornaments with Suki relief of fishroe & rose flower motif for each corners and the center. Raden (mother-of –pearl inlay) plates are fitted in between the metal ornaments, and two sets of foliate panels are placed all around, and a pair of Kujakumon embossed metals (peacock relief) are mounted in a plate.

Raden-Hirachiri-An Table
Height:77.56cm,  Kanban (top board) Length:34.8cm, Width:66.3cm

It is a wooden lacquer table, and the top board is rectangular. Foliate openwork plates are placed two each for both front and back, and one each for right and left side. 
The top board, stiles and for corners have fitted metals decorated with fishroe & rose flower motif, with arabesque pattern and incision.
It has Sagi-ashi (pentagonal column legs), decorated with leaf-shaped fin on the joints, whole surface of side legs are covered with mother pearl inlay, rose flower motif and arabesque pattern on gold-lacquer base.

Height:57.8cm, Width:55.1cm

It is a wooden hanger for Buddhist ritual gong.
It has columns on both sides of wooden kurikata shaped legs, set mount shaped spiral timber on both ends.
It used to be decorated with Raden(mother-pearl inlay) on gold-lacquer base, however it is faded away.

Top Width 13.4cm, Bottom Width: 15.4cm

It is a Buddhist ritual gong, made of cast bronze. It has the three arc shapes on the top and the bottom edges, and curved in the middle.
The both sides of the edge protrude outwards, and the both edges are thick.
It is indeed an excellent and dignified casting work.

Shokudai with Raden-Hirachiri :
Height:80.9cm, Bottom diameter : 24.8cm

It is a gold-lacquer candlestick.
Decorated the gold-lacquer base with mother-pearl inlay and stylized rose flower motif. The joint part of the stick and the candle server have the metal ornament. It has gilt bronze metals of openwork relif with fishroe & rose flower motif, arabesque pattern. The pedestal has the metal ornament with four petaled knob seat carving, and it has the same pattern as the former one.