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中尊寺文書68通 附 宝永三年修理関係文書5通 陸奥国骨寺村絵図2幅 紙背 中尊寺与骨寺村差図
68 Chuson-ji Documents
(Appendix) 5 Renovetion relaited documents in 1706, picture maps of Oushu Honedera-Mura Village,(reverse side) the picture map of Chuson-ji Yokotsu-mura Village

Designation National Important Cultural properties
Classification Scuriptures
Designated Date June 15,1995
Address Aza-Koromonoseki,Hiraizumi
Holder Konjiki-in,  Daichou-juin
Administrator Chuson-ji
HomePage Iwate Prefectural Museum
The sites of manor in Hondera-Mura village


Simplified Map : length 83.0cm, width 56.0cm
Detailed Map  : length 83.0cm, width 55.0cm

It is the representative temple-documents of the medieval time in Oushu district, and described the situation of the farmers called “zaike” ( congregation of the temple).

The picture document of Honedera-Mura village, former territory of Kyozo administrator, consisted of the simplified and the detailed pictures, and showing the circumstances of the medieval village, from Kamakura to Northern and Southern Dynasties.(1336-1392)