An encounter with the cultural personality of Iwate Encyclopedia of Cultural Information in Iwate
Cinerary Container

Designation Prefecturally-Designated
Classification Tangible Folklore Cultural Asset
Designated Date February 27, 1979
Building 1
Address Aza-Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi
Holder Konjiki-in (Chuson-ji)
Administrator Chuson-ji
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1. Gilt-bronze five-ring pagoda
6. Wooden five-ring pagoda
10. Bamboo cylinder
1. Wooden small box type
1. Wooden statue type

Gilt-bronze five-ring pagoda
Height  2.5cm
It is Five-ring pagoda, but one part of the “ring of space” is missing

Wooden five-ring pagoda
Height  4.2~8cm
There are two types, one is single wood-block sculpture, the other is joined wood-blocks sculpture. Most of them are black lacquered, with Chinese ink and gold lacquered.

Bamboo cylinder
Length 1.4cm~10cm  Diameter 1.0~2.0cm
Top and bottom ends have some missing parts.

Wooden small box type
Length 2.2cm  Width 2.5cm
A single square wood carved into box shape

Wooden statue type
Length 12cm 
A single wood-block sculpture

All these were found at the time of demolition work of Konjiki-do Hall, Chuson-ji.
There are no inscription of the date. It is presumed to be not before the medieval times, considering through the cinerary custom and the inscription of bamboo cylinder
They are the only one and very precious examples, found in Iwate,  as the sample of folklore religion.