Designation National Important Cultural properties
Classification Sculpture
Designated Date April 6, 1929
Designated Date in detail
Amount 1
Address Aza-Koromonoseki,Hiraizumi
Holder Kannon-in
Administrator Chuson-ji
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


Statue height : 171.2cm

It is a wooden, Yoseki-zukuri (joined wood-block)statue, with lacquered and gold-foiled
It has eleven faces on top of head with Tenkan-dai (A decorative band around the head) and Chogan (Eyes carved directly into the surface of a wooden sculpture) carving.
It also has 32 arms, and posed Gassho with Mate(the central hands),
and placed the support hands on the right side of the second hands to hold various ornaments. It might have been 42 elbows.
The expression of the face shows merciful and moderate nature of Fujiwara family, and it is indeed a supreme art work.
It has Jouhaku (a decorative scarf), Mo (a skirt-like garment covering the lower part) and ten-i(garment) covered both shoulder and hung from them. It stands straight on the double layered Lotus base.
Daiza is wooden, lacquered and gold-foiled, and three layered.
The Halo is wooden, and has Rinkou (a free-standing ring ) with eight petaled lotus flower, and shines out from the center.
The lacquered and gold-foiled work has been restored, and side arms, various ornaments, pedestal and halo are also restored and added later.

Gassho=A mudra formed by bringing together the palms of both hands, fingers extended, held level with the chest.