Designation National Important Cultural properties
Classification Arts and Crafts
Designated Date February 8, 1958
Designated Date in detail
Amount 1
Address Aza-Koromonoseki,Hiraizumi
Holder Jizou-in
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


Height 12.72cm, one side length 142.42cm

It is a wooden, rectangle shape large platform, with doubled lotus petal relief on the side panels, and black lacquer coated.
Kanpan deck are composed of 4 wooden plates and attached together, and have Makie(lacquer coating with gold and silver powder) with lotus and arabesque pattern. Unfortunately, most of colors came off and unclear.
It is very rare to find large platforms in Heian period, and it is the only one with Makie lacquer coating, used gold and silver powder on a large platform.