Designation National Important Cultural properties
Classification Arts and Crafts
Designated Date February 8, 1958
Designated Date in detail
Amount 1
Address Aza-Koromonoseki,Hiraizumi
Holder Jizou-in
Administrator Chuson-ji
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


It is the gilt-bronze round plate which has the image of Senju-Kannon (Thousand-armed Kannon), with seated, meditation posture (both legs are folded such that the tops of the feet firmly rest on the thighs of the opposite legs).
It has casting work on gilt-bronze plate for the image of the Senju-Kannon, lotus base, halo and a rim. It seems to have silver gilt on the surface.
Halo composed of one circle for Zukou(head light) and two circles for Shinkou(body light)parts, and they are connected with other hands and holding objects. The main body was thinly embossed, and the face, knees and the lotus base are thickly made with finely engraved lines.