Designation National Important Cultural properties
Classification Archaeological Samples
Designated Date June 22, 1955
Designated Date in detail June 22, 1955 addition (September 8, 1965)
Address Aza-Koromonoseki,Hiraizumi
Holder Konjiki-do
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


These are the Mortuary containers for three generation of Fujiwara lords, Kiyohira, Motohira and Hidehira and their mortuary goods, which was investigated by the team of academic investigation of Asahi Cultural Organization in 1950.

These containers were all laid flat.
Kiyohira’s container was covered with fabric, use wiping technique for lacquer and gold leaf stamping.
There are oblong holes in the position of his upper and lower back parts on the bottom plate.
Motohira’s container had also gold leaf stamping on the base of nikawa glue, but mostly discolored.
The lumber is thicker and heavier than Kiyohira’s and has a cutting hole around his lower back position on the bottom plate.
Hidehira’s container is severely damaged, and renovation and restoration works have been done.
Many funerary goods have been found inside of containers of the center and northwest platform. These garments are consisted of formal men's skirt, white lined kimono with twill weave design and white silk quilt bedclothes. They are precious samples of garment in Heian period.
In addition, white lined quilt bedclothes with some decorative flowery pattern, and silk brocade yarn are rapped, and purple silky pillow, a prayer beads of amber with silver-gilding ornaments, and short sword with red wooden handle-grip are laid inside.  They are very precious and valuable relics to discover and understand the secret of Hiraizumi Culture.