Designation Nationally-Designated
Classification Historical Sight
Designated Date March 2, 2005
Designated Date in detail
Address Aza-Kitazawa, Hiraizumi
Holder Takkoku Saikou-ji (religious institution) etc.
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This Cave temple is located in the focal point of traffic junction between urban Hiraizumi and surrounding area, and was commissioned in 801 by the Kyoto generalissimo Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, in commemoration of the victory over the punitive expedition of northeastern territory.
It became most prosperous in late 12th century, building a new man-maid pond with gyokuseki-gogan (a river dike with pebble) style which used the same technique as Sanju-no- Ike (pond) in Chuson-ji.
There is Magai-Butu (large rock-carving of Buddha’s face) carved in a steep cliff in the south of Bishamon-do Temple