Designation National Treasure
Classification Scriptures
Designated Date March 29, 1952
Designated Date in detail
Amount 2,739 rolls
Address Aza-Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi
Holder Daichoju-in
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


(addition) a lacquered box
It is the Buddhist scripture called “Chusonji-kyo” ( Chuson-ji collection of Buddhist Sutra ) which was written in gold and silver, some others in gold, on indigo paper. It originally includes both “Kinshi-kingindeiko-Kokan-Issaikyo” and “So-Han-Issaikyo”.
The method of making this sutra is very unique, in the matter of the scroll, the paper, the letter, quantity in every way.
They were designated as National treasure except “So-Han-Issaikyo” because it was imported from China.
It depicted the picture of Buddha’s preaching and religious environment, also pagota, scenery, animals and people. All things considered, they are quite unique and extraordinary scriptures either in the history of hand-copied sutra or any other art work.
At present, there are 2,739 volumes of sutra(15 volumes of gold-silver included), together with 275 sutra boxes in Chuson-ji, are designated as National treasure.
It has contributed important information, together with the annotation stories in the back cover, to discover the secret and depth of the Fujiwara family and the culture.