Designation Prefecturally-Designated
Classification Sculpture
Designated Date April 26, 1977
Building 2
Address Aza-Osawa, Hiraizumi
Holder Jutoku-in
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


(Part 1)
Statue Height  34.7cm

Wooden, Japanese Judas tree, single wood-block sculpture finished with lacquered and gold-foiled,
with Chogan technique (Eyes carved directly into the surface of a wooden sculpture). The head and the body are in one part, Ichiboku-zukuri with Warihagi (carved a large hollow space inside a single wood-block sculpture). The left sleeves and wrist, and the right shoulder, wrist and elbow are each separated parts and all joined together. The both legs and the joint part of right thigh are also joined together.
It has a typical Nyorai feature, with Nou-e (garment) on the left shoulder and slightly covered the other one.
Posed with Jo-in (a meditation mudra: placing the palms on top of one another and resting them in the lap), and Kekka-fuza ( the meditation posture with full-lotus position; left foot rests on the right thigh and the right foot is folded on top and placed over the left thigh).
The both wrists and the hands were added later.

(Part 2)
Statue Height  34.8cm

The material and the feature are almost the same as the other one above.
The right arm is joined together on the shoulder, elbow and wrist.
The both legs and the joint part are also joined each other.
The hairline is slightly waved and oval-faced, and the body is finely built.
Some parts around the legs and wrists are added later.

The both statures are the works of late Heian Period, and also the valuable relics which inherited the urban style in central area