Designation Prefecturally-Designated
Classification Arts and Crafts
Designated Date April 4, 1978
Amount 1
Address Aza-Osawa,Hiraizumi
Holder Motsu-ji
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


2 Metal bowl
1 Serving dish
The bowl:
Height 2.1cm
Diameter 5.4cm
Height of the base 0.35cm
Dimeter of the base 2.6cm

Serving dish: Height 0.6cm
Diameter(remain part) 4.8cm
Height of the base 0.4cm
Dimeter of the base 3.8cm

These are thick-gilded bronze objects.
They are small, thin and have carving of eight simple-petaled lotus leafon the sides.
Two bowls are rusted and stuck together.
The both, molds and decorative patterns are graceful, thick-gilded and shining out through the rusted part.
It is the work of late Heian period, and the excellent remain of the alter paraphernalia in this period.