Designation Prefecturally-Designated
Classification Scriptures
Designated Date April 26, 1977
Amount 1
Address Aza-Osawa, Hiraizumi
Holder Motsu-ji
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


It is a Sutra of Dai-Hannya-Kyo, paperbacked writing in India ink (17 pages). Each line of sutra contains seventeen characters.
The opening page has a description of Dai-Hannyakyo 27th volume written by Kinomorichika, Fujiwara Aishi etc. in Wada county.
The end of the book has a description of the offering date, August 17, 1175, a name of offering person and another date, August 23, 1176, offered by Kinomorichika, Fujiwara Aishi etc. in Wada county
Four lines in the postscript were written with the same handwriting, and written the inscription of August 17, so on and August 23,so on in 1175.
It was the most flourish time of Hidehira, the third of Fujiwara lord.
This is the typical hand-copied sutras in those days, and very precious examples.