Designation Prefecturally-Designated
Classification Tangible Folklore Cultural Asset
Designated Date February 27, 1979
Amount 67
Address Aza-Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi
Holder Konjiki-in
HomePage Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage


Width 0.8cm~5.0cm
Made of bamboo 15,   wooden 52

It was found at the time of demolition work of Konjiki-do Hall in Chuson-ji, among the recycled lumber, as same as the Cinerary Container previously mentioned.
Among 67 stupas, these eight stupas have inscriptions as follows.
In 1319, in 1360, in 1385, in 1395
In 1399, in 1406, in 1446, in 1468
These are the works of late Kamakura to mid.Muromachi.
They are very valuable and precious relics to understand folklore religion around the time. Because these are many surviving remains which has their old inscription dates.