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Takehara Kiyohara (Keishihara Takenori) was appointed to the General of the Defense Ministry for the first time as a nephew (Emishi who entered the rule of the Imperial Court) by Kohei 6 (1063) by achievement of the role of the previous nine years It was However, this awarding of the official rank will give rise to the creation of the “Shuryu Consciousness”, which is connected to the generals in the Kiyohara Family. Takenori-Takeda and the Kiyohara family, who continued with Takeharu's grandson's grandfather's grandfather, took over the family's opposition, and Nagaho 3 (1083), an internal dispute, 'The next three years A role (gosannen no eki) (the three years after the war) begins. In this battle, the eldest son of Yoshiyoshi Michiyoshi (Yoshioi), the eldest son of Minamoto Yoshiyoshi (Yoshiyoshi), intervened, and was an orphaned child of Kiyoshi Fujiwara (Tsukiyo) who became beheaded with Abe in the role of the previous nine years, Kiyohara Fujihara, who had been living in the Kiyohara family, was also on the side. There is also the death of Makoto's disease and the withdrawal of Makoto's adopted child (Narihira), and in the end Kienshi will end up destroying Kiyohara Iemitsu (Yehira), a child of Takeo and a half-brother. After the battle ended in 1087, Kiyohira, who inherited Abe and Kiyohara's corpses, settled in Hiraizumi, and the "Oshu Fujiwara Era" was to open the curtain here.