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"Iwate's Cultural Information Encyclopedia" is the Iwate Prefecture's "Iwate Prefectural Culture Promotion Guidelines" formulated in March 1999, in which the securement of interaction with the diverse cultures of the prefectural and the development of voluntary cultural activities In addition to accumulating information about culture as a database, it was built as a "Cultural Information Providing System" for the purpose of creating a network connecting administrative agencies and cultural facilities. Based on the prefectural awareness survey results on culture carried out in 1999 and opinions of experts, we have created a database of information with high prefectural needs and valuable cultural information unique to this prefecture.

The "Iwate Prefectural Cultural Information System General Supervisory Committee" was established in 2001 in order to make a study from a professional point of view in creating a database, and the following people gave advice.

Name Affiliation / job title
(Chairman) Oikawa Kazuya Iwate Prefectural Association for Cultural Properties and Elections President
Tsutomu Kurosawa Iwate Medical University Professor
Takahashi Nobuo Iwate Prefectural Museum of Arts Department
Akira Takehara Iwate University Humanities and Social Sciences Associate Professor
Hosoi total Iwate University Professor of Education
Mizoguchi Tetsuo Professor, Faculty of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University
(Deputy Chairperson) Kenji Murakami Iwate Prefecture Foundation for Cultural Promotion, President
Yamada Haruyoshi Iwate Prefectural University Faculty of Policy Management