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When Kioshiha died at the age of 73 in Daiji 3 (1128), a conflict is created between his eldest son, Yonchun (this one) and his younger brother, Motohira, on inheritance. The foundation attacked the absurdity and gained second place by defeating him.
Based on the management of the territory inherited from Qingshen, it will eventually grow to have an impact on Kofu Tagajo, and at the same time it will approach the Sekiseki family and build a close relationship. When the Yakushi Nyorai image of Moshi Teramoto, ordered by Kien Shik in order to Buddhist priests in Kyoto, is so magnificent, and when Toba was prohibited from taking it out from Kyoto, it was Seki Shirafujihara Tadamitsu (Tachimichi) who persuaded the emperor did. In addition, he made efforts to engage in political aptitude for the government of Tagajo, for example, by forming a relationship with Motohara Fujiwara (also), who later served as a family member of the later Mutsu and the generals of the guardian deity of the Emperor.
It was also basic to build the foundation of "city · Hiraizumi" by erecting Motsu-ji and separating the gate from the center of religion and the area of Chuson-ji as a center of politics and economy.