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In 1170, Hidehira was dismissed as a subordinate and was appointed to the General Guard. At that time, there was no government office for "Conquest", and it was a long-time job that Mokuo Mutsuo concurrently assumed the post, but the confrontation between Yoshinaka Kino (Yoshinaka) and Minamoto Yoritomo (Yoshimo) surfaced Then, a job title recognized as a military "lord of Oshu," as written in the lower sentence addressed to "Chingou Shogun Shohei" of the Shirakawa Pope, "Leader the soldiers of the two lands and defeat Yoritomo". It is used as
The other side of Shuenshi is the aspect as "the guardian of Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune)". Heiwa is deeply connected with the family and his strong backing boosts him as the first local warrior in 1181 as a state warrior, but he is the one who is appointed to the landlord Mikuo Miku. I managed to get rid of the Yoshitsune who fell to Hiraizumi. However, in 1187, he handed over the family supervisor to Yasuhira, and made the vow to protect Yoshitsune and leave this world.