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In the year of Bunji 5 (1189), Yasuhara Fujiwara (急 Yasuhara) rushed into the Kinugawakan where the original Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune) lives, following the ca. With this, it looks as though the source of Yoritomo Minamoto of Kamakura (more than anything) has gone without the title of Hiraizumi, but Yoritomo dispatches a soldier and penetrates Shirakawa-eki into the land country. It is defeated by the Fujiwaras who resisted in Atsashiyama (Atsashiyama, Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture), but Taiken is determined to throw away Hiraizumi and fires out to the hall and escapes. Yoritomo forces resumed their march toward Iwate-gun Kamogawa (Kuriyagawa-Morioka city), and when they approached Shiwa-gun Jinoka (Jingaoka-Shinami-cho), they were betrayed by the servants of Satsushiro, The Taishun was defeated in the Hinogun Eno-Saku, and Mr. Oshu Fujiwara, who continued for four years and 100 years, is finally destroyed.