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Gen Yoritomo (more), who destroyed the prosperous Oshu Fujiwara, and completed the national rule, enshrined Mokukuni Gakkain to Kasai Kiyoshige in Hunji 5 (1189), and it was in Hiraizumi-gun. He controlled a non-perpetrator (a post who has been in charge of prosecutors, law enforcement and non-consecutions, who has been in charge of arrest, litigation, and execution of a law and who has both the current judge and police officer and whose authority is powerful). This was the beginning of the “Oshu Samurai” that the Kamakura Shogunate put as a substitute for guardianship in the Mutsu country, and Kiyushige became the position to take over the military and police rights of Oshu as the main body of Hiraizumi replacing Fujiwara.
Mr. Kasai is a family of Mr. Toshima based in Musashikuni Toshima-gun (Toshima-ku, Tokyo), and Kiyogen's father, Kiyogen, is a member of the Shimosa Gokoku Nishi Gyoen (Mikurya, from Tokyo to Chiba Prefecture) Move to the region), and will be honored with Mr. Shaanxi. Kiyoshige is a good figure since Yoritomo soldiers and later became a heavyweight in the Kamakura Shogunate.
Kasai's residence at that time was in the four districts of Iwai, Kesen, Izawa, Esashi, Okita (Ikichi, Ichitokichi Daito-cho) and the Yellow Sea (Kinomi, Fujisawa) Town) Niho (ho), Oshika-gun (Miyagi Prefecture), later it was a huge thing called "Konsei Honjo 5 counties Niho".
The rulers of other counties are also replaced by the people of the Kanto district, Waga, Waga, Tonoho, Tonoho, Asanuma, Hii, Hakui (Hienuki) County was owned by Mr. Kanuki, Mr. Shiwa (Ring) as Mr. Ashikaga, and Mr. Iwate, Kuji and Kukabe were managed by Mr. Hojo of Shogunate.
In general, the territories of the Kanto residents were scattered throughout the country. For this reason, it is thought that a representative officer was dispatched to a territory far from the home territory to enlighten the administration of the territory, and oneself was living a life that shuttles between the home territory and Kamakura. For example, in the case of Nuka Nobu district, many Hojo subjects, such as Mr. Kudo and Mr. Asano in one house, Mr. Yokomizo in the south gate, have become “Chifudai” and are in charge of managing the country. did. It is thought that these Jichidai generations are warriors of the Kanto region, and it came to be indigenous to the field in the late Kamakura period. Furthermore, it is thought that it was the former lords of the Oshu-Fujiwara era who were carrying out routine territory management under the command of these Jidai period.