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Muromachi Shogunate made Oshu the jurisdiction of Kamakura-Fu in the Genchu 8 (Meritoku 2.1391) year. Kamakura Kokata's Ashikaga Mitsunari has his younger brother's Mitsunari downed to Ogawa as Koi Inamura in 1399. It was However, the following year, the Shogunate appointed Omochi Sumitomo (Akimochi) as the "Problem", which is the destination agency in Oshu. This is the beginning of Oshu's testimony Osaki. Kamokura Kamakura by the eunkyo rebels (the case in which Kamakura Kotoku Ashikari wanted a general job and sent a slay to the Muromachi shogunate. He tried to remove even Kenji Uesugi who gave up this and was killed by the Shogunate.) When Kunikawa Akutagawa died sideways in 1440, the Oshu exam became the only manifestation of the Muromachi shogunate system, and Oshu became a system with Mr. Osaki at the top. Under this system, the three members of the south, Shaanxi and Date were second only to Osaki, followed by the absence, and to the bottom, a hierarchy of Waga and Wenuki.
However, there was also a warrior who could cross Osaki with him in Oshu. It is Mr. Shiba based in Takamizu-dera Castle (Shinami-cho) in Shiwa-gun. Mr. Shiba is proud of power while maintaining the clan relationship with Muromachi Shogunate Governor of the main family and Mr. Echizen guardian, and it has been recognized as a high-ranked person by being named as Mr. Ohsaki in line with "Osaki and Shiba both places in Oshu" etc. The