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Morioka Samurai's family name has been out of 100,000 stones since its foundation, but in the culture 5 (1808) year, the Takanao exercise has been successful, and the area has remained unchanged at 200,000 rocks. It has been upgraded to The main reason for this is the confrontation with Hirosaki clan since his creation.
As for the confrontation with Hirosaki, the Tsugaru district where the southern ruled until then was authorized by Hideo Odawara, who is the fastest of Oura (Tsugaru) Teishin, and was no longer a territory of the southern one It begins with the Owa tailoring of Tensho 18 (1590).
In the Tenmei 4 (1784), Morioka Toshiei (Takae), who became the first generation lord of Morioka, became the official position promotion movement because it would be useful for the protection of the locality (Hokkaido) and for the promotion of the administration. Expanding and promoting the culture origin (1804), it will be promoted to four items (Shihon, 4th) from the last two subordinates. However, during the development of this movement, in 2 culture (1805), Tsugaru Ningyu (Yasuchi), who was the master of the Hirosaki 9th Century, was re-highed from 46,000 to 70,000. The pros and cons who dissatisfied with this conduct a realignment campaign on the condition of the perpetual protection of the imperial affair, Morioka Samurai will be retaliated to 200,000 stone in culture 5 (1808) years, and prosecutor will be appointed to honor . However, Hirosaki clan will also be raised to 100,000 by the merits of the security guard on the same day. This triggers the "Soma Daisaku case".