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In Bunsei 4 (1821), there is a sniper attempt case of Tsugaru Nashiku (Asuchika), a Hirosaki 9th lord, on his way home from Edo. The leader is named "Soma Daisaku Incident" because he was named after the Morioka Shishi Domino Hideyuki Shin (Sinmoto Maihi Shinin) and the pseudonym "Soma Daisaku (Sow Isaku)".
Hideyuki Susumu was born in Kinoka Motomoto (1789) in Fukuoka-mura, Fujioka-gun (Fujito-shi) in Morioka, and at the age of 18 he came to Edo and was known as a well-known swordsman, and he undertook the gate of Kishu Eiji Hirayama Mizokura, and marched to martial arts, I will return to a position to be called one of the Jie and I will start teaching martial arts by setting up a lecture hall soldier cabinet in my hometown, Fukuoka. That kind of arrow point Bunsei 3 (1820), Morioka 藩 (Taka) will leave the world at the age of 39 years old, and use the corpse (Toshi rice) will continue. The premature death of prosperity is said to be due to the years of depression against Hirosaki. At this time, the use is still 14 years old and imprisoned. On the other hand, Tsugaru Nashi's parents, who were originally considered to be veterinarians, are assigned to the ranks of Jyushi no Nage. Hideyuki Susumu who is dissatisfied with this sends a letter to Nyochika to encourage resignation, and when it can not be heard, it sends an assassination saying, "Symptom to report the condolence."
In Bunsei 4 (1821), Hideyuki Susumu plans to sniper a Ningochi on his way home from Edo near Akita Atsushi Shirasawa Station (Odate City), but he fails due to the secret information of his fellows, and he leaves Edo to Edo The name is changed to "Soma Daisaku", but he is captured by the same year's Edo and will be imprisoned next year. However, because this incident forced Ningguin to retire, the result was that the purpose of Hideyuki Susumu was achieved.
Edo citizens at the time were deeply moved by Hideyuki Shin's actions, and the incident was treated as a subject of talks and novels. Fujiko Higashiko (Toko), who is the majesty proponent of the Mito clan at the end of the Bakumatsu, who strongly influenced Nishigo Takamori and Hashimoto Sakonai, and others, celebrates his devotion, and the Shoshu Yoshida of the Choshu clan sings a long song In pursuit of