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Go to Tagajo in Kagome-gen (724) during the Nara period, as a state government office (also known as Kokushi's official office, which is placed in each country under the Ritsuryaku system. When the government office is set up and a full-fledged control over the north and north of Miyagi Prefecture begins by the Imperial Court, a tense relationship with Emishi will intensify. The Imperial Court will build the Taosyu Castle in the Kitakami River Basin in the backcountry, the Iji Castle in the inland region, and the Shokatsu Castle in the Dewakei country, and will expand the area of control. On the other hand, before and after the creation of Tagajo, the murder case of the court official such as Duke Oku, a police officer who had overseen the administration of each country by Emishi, and a national officer, Daijo, in There was a rebellion of Ukanme き 宇 (屈 協力 宇 屈 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 協力 、 、 、 宝 宝 宝 宝 774 774 774 774 774 774 774 774) Relationship fell into the worst situation.
The preparation of the expedition of the Imperial Court's iron mine begins in the year 5 (786). More than 50,000 Imperial Courts were mobilized, and it was Kikosami (Musashimi) who was ordered General Shogun by the Emperor Takeshi. The Convoy army who left Tagajo in 898 (Jan), arrived at Yodogawa, and began to advance toward Sugabushi village (Subushiramura, now Oshu, Iwate Prefecture). On the other hand, the chief of Emishi, the great grave 弖 弖 あ て (あ て あ て あ て ま た は ま た は ま た は ま た は ま た は ま た は (る 弖 ま た は あ て あ て (ま た は 弖 い 、 あ て あ て あ て あ て あ て あ て あ て)), I'm sorry.
The famous "Envy Eighth Year of the Iron War" has succeeded in the yang movement and ends with the victory of the Emishi side. The Imperial Court army, who lost a great deal, prepared for the 2nd Iron Swamp Expedition next year 9 (790). At this time, it was Sakauetamura Maro (Takamura Ueno Maru) who was appointed as Deputy Consul. Emishi, who suffered damage in the second expedition that began in Enry794 13 (794), was Enry 奥 Oku Dewa (Azechi), Mutsu Oku Demune and the Defense General, in Enry20 20 (801), Maru Tamura, who has been appointed to Atelui and Mole will be dumped at Izawa Joshu (Oshu city), which Tamura Maro built in the next calendar year 21 (802). In spite of the desperate petition of Mr. Tamura Maru, Ateli and Moret who were sent to Kyoto were beheaded by Kawachi Kuniyama (Sugeyama), and the curtain was brought down in the era of Emishi.