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In the Pacific War, Kamaishi received the first mainland gunfire on the mainland. Kamaishi, which has Kamaishi Steel Works and Ohashi Tetsuzan, is a valuable military plant area where resources can be self-sufficient. Two times by the British and American military gun shooting, the city turned into a burning field, and various facilities such as city hall, station, police station and post office were destroyed, and 2,930 houses were burned down, 180 completely destroyed, and half burned and destroyed 326 units. The steelworks were also hit devastatingly, and 11 blast furnaces were destroyed, and steelmaking and steelworks lost more than 90%. The number of deaths has reached 534 in urban areas and 157 in steelworks.
In 1948 (1948), the No. 10 blast furnace is restored and operations are resumed, and steel production has exploded due to the Korean War special demand, establishing a foundation for growth. During this time, Nippon Steel was divided into the Yahata and Fuji companies under the designation of the Excessive Economic Force Concentration and Exclusion Act, and Kamaishi was reorganized as Fuji Steel Iron Kamaishi Iron Works.