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Opening time 10: 00-18: 00 (until 17:30)
closing day Every 2nd Tuesday / New Year
cost Admission free (2nd floor exhibition hall may be charged)
location 〒 020-0871
Morioka City Nakanobashi Doi 1-1-25
contact information Tel: 019-604-8900
Fax: 019-604-8900
E-mail: seishunkan@odette.or.jp
Contact Other Reference: Morioka City Commercial Tourism Division (019-626-7539)
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On November 28, 2002, the former 90th (く) bank was restored and opened. It is a facility where you can rediscover the cityscape, culture, and history of Morioka in addition to introducing Shonen Ishikawa, who spent his student life in Morioka from Meiji to Taisho, and the youth of Kenji Miyazawa. «First floor» Permanent exhibition room, experience room of light and sound, video experience room, city-by-city exhibition room, cafe corner, museum shop, second floor exhibition hall. On the first floor are two bronze statues of Takeshi Ogoshi "Wataki Ishikawa Touki" and Hirota Takada "Kenji Miyazawa". The former 90th Bank is a historical building completed in 1910 by the architect Yokohama Tsutomu, who was originally from Morioka City, in an effort to preserve and utilize modernization heritage.