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Opening time 10:00 to 15:00 (approximately 30 minutes for the tour)
※ Commentary volunteer is possible by prior reservation
closing day Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / New Year holidays (but there is no holiday from April to November)
▼ There is temporary closing for facility maintenance
Please contact us at 019-621-6678 (Educational Museum)
cost General 140 yen (80 yen)
Senior university student 100 yen (70 yen)
Elementary and junior high school 50 yen (40 yen)
※ (20 or more) group rate
location 〒 020-8550
Morioka City Ueda 3-18-8
contact information Tel: 019-621-6678
E-mail: kkoho@iwate-u.ac.jp
transportation Bus: Take the Morioka Ekimae Bus Terminal No.11 platform to Iwate Transportation Bus Station Ueda Line "Go to Matsuzo Bus Terminal" or take the station Uchiuchi Kosen Line Higashi Midorigaoka Kobu "To Sakuradai Housing Complex" and get off at "Iwate University Front"
Taxi: About 2 km from Morioka Station, about 10 minutes.
Walking: About 25 minutes from Morioka Station.
home page Agricultural Education Museum-Former Morioka Higher Agriculture and Forestry School Main Building-


The former main building (currently the Iwate University Agricultural Education Library at Iwate University) was completed in 1912, and is now open to the public after extensive repairs. The poet Kenji Miyazawa has also studied for six years, and a number of materials related to Kenji are displayed in the library. Currently, it is designated as a national important cultural property.