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Opening time 9: 00-16: 00 (until 15:30)
closing day Every Thursday / New Year
cost free
location 〒 020-0572
Shizukuishi-cho Xi'aniwa 15th district, divided letters, Shimohasechi 39-7
contact information Tel: 019-692-3942
Fax: 019-692-3942
transportation バ ス Bus 雫 From Shizukuishi Station, get off at Aniwa Bus Stop for “Yodojuku Hot Spring”, a 3-minute walk.
home page http://www.town.shizukuishi.iwate.jp/kankou2/area/point/minzoku.htm


It is in a place where you can enjoy the view of Gosho Lake, and it has earthenware, folk tools, etc., and there is a bent house, a pit house and a water mill.