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Opening time 9:00-17:00 (green season mid April-first half November)
9: 00-16: 00 (White season first half of November-mid April)
closing day Koiwai farm closed day White season closed every Thursday
cost Free viewing (needs separate admission fee for Koiwai Farm)
▼ Koiwai farm admission fee Adult (more than junior high school student) 500 yen Annual passport (valid for one year) 1,000 yen Child (5 years old-sixth grader) 250 yen Annual passport (valid for one year) 500 yen
location 〒020-0500
Shizukuishi-cho character Marutani 36-1
contact information Tel: 019-692-4321
E-mail: shiryokan@koiwai.co.jp
transportation By train: Get off at Koiwai Station on the JR Tazawako Line (via Morioka Station).
Bus: From Morioka Station, it takes about 35 minutes for "Koiwai Farm Makibaen" and "Amihari Onsen".
It takes about 10 minutes for Koiwai Farm Makibaen from Koiwai Station.
Car: Take Route 46 from Tohoku Expressway Morioka IC to Akita area for 12 km, approximately 15 minutes.
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Koiwai's birthplace of dairy farming, the location of the history of Koiwai in the Kamimaru beef bar yard and an introduction to the current divisions. There are also historical agricultural equipment exhibition halls etc. outside.