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Municipalities Morioka
Main activity place
Main activity contents

We plan promotion of culture and the history and education in Morioka-shi and try for support of citizen's voluntary local culture activity together and aim at contributing to realization of citizen's heart rich life by all means, October, 1997 Foundation established on the 15th.

(1) Appreciation business about music, dance, theater, art and other art cultures

(2) Education and extension work on culture, history and social education

(3) Business about upbringing of cultural activity that citizen performs and support

(4) Research on culture, education, etc., collection and provision of information

(5) Business such as collection of data about history, art, folklore, research and research, storage, exhibition

(6) Business about support of lifelong learning, promotion of social education and activity

(7) Management operation business such as culture and social education related facilities

(8) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

Activity day
Admission criteria and qualifications
Number of members / groups
Membership fee No fee
contact information Morioka City Culture Promotion Agency 〒020-0045
Iwate Prefecture Morioka-shi Morioka Station Nishidori 9-chome 1st Marios 5F
Tel: 019-621-5102
Fax: 019-621-5101
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