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Opening time 9: 00-16: 30
closing day Monday
Every Monday (except holidays etc.)
New Year
cost General 200 yen (100 yen) / high school student or less free ※ (20 or more) group rate
location 〒020-0173
Takizawa City Yusuzawa 327-13
contact information Tel: 019-694-9001
Fax: 019-694-9007
transportation Bus: From the bus center, get off at Asumino housing complex central exit (via Morioka station) and get off at the end of the 10-minute walk.
Car: About 10 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Takizawa IC.
home page Takizawa City Buried Cultural Property Center (Takizawa City)


The site area is 1,770 square meters, the reinforced concrete part is 3 floors, and the floor area is 1,095 square meters. Exhibition room, training room, office room, rest room on the first floor. A second floor, a storage room, a storage, a storage, a photo studio. The third floor is integrated with the second floor storage. The amount of storage is 10,000 for earthenware and earthen products, 6,000 for earthenware and stone products, 3,000 photographs, 17,000 for drawing materials and 3,000 for books. The exhibition room is "from excavation to reporting (the role of the buried culture center)" "Primary and ancient of Takizawa told by excavation," "Find the mystery of the stone circle", "Free exhibition corner", "Touch It consists of five themes of “Let's play” and displays panel commentary and 300 artifacts found in the village according to the theme. We actively open facilities for lifelong learning and school education, and it is a place where we can learn while enjoying a wide age group. Top: Making a ball, Bottom: Making a pot