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Opening time April-October 9:00-19:00 (※ The reception desk of the second floor exhibition room is until 18:30)
November-March 9:00-18:00 (※ The admission reception for the second floor exhibition room is until 17:30
closing day The third Tuesday of each month (the next day for holidays and holidays) and December 31st, January 1st.
cost Admission free However, the second floor "History Permanent Exhibition Room" is charged, and the following admission fee is required.
300 yen for general, 200 yen for high school students, 100 yen for elementary and junior high school students (with group discount for 20 or more students)

方 Those who have a one-day free ticket (limited to the one issued on the day) of Morioka city center circulation bus "Dendenmushi" can enter at group rates.
入場 You may need to pay a separate entrance fee to view the exhibition.

※ We release advantageous common ticket in six of Morioka history culture museum, learning library of Morioka city ruins, Morioka city precedent memorial, Morioka city child science museum, Keiko Hara memorial, Morioka museum (in each Can be purchased at (The effective period is one year from the date of purchase.)
Two-building common admission ticket 350 yen, four-building common admission ticket 650 yen

location 〒 020-0023
Morioka City Round No. 1 50
contact information Tel: 019-681-2100
Fax: 019-652-5296
transportation [When using a bus]
Iwate Transportation "Morioka Bus Center" Travel time about 10 minutes → "Prefectural Office · City Hall" get off → 4 minutes on foot
Iwate Transportation "Aqueduct" Travel time about 10 minutes → "Mizuho Bank · Youth Hall front" get off → 5 minutes on foot
Iwate Kotsu Traffic "Denden mushi" (clockwise) Time required about 10 minutes → "Prefectural office / City Hall front" get off → 4 minutes on foot

About 10 minutes by taxi → Get off at Morioka Museum of History and Culture
About 20 minutes on foot (Openway Bridge-Via Odori)

※ There is no parking space for general vehicles on the premises of the hotel.
Please use nearby parking lot such as "Morioka castle ruins park underground parking lot" (charged) next door.
※ Please contact us if you are visiting a wheelchair.
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The building used as Iwate Prefectural Library has been completely renovated and opened in 2011 at a corner of Morioka Castle Ruins Park (Iwate Park). The first floor introduces Morioka's festivals (Chagu Chagu Mako, Morioka Sansa Odori, Morioka Aki Matsuri floats) and seasonal tourist information, and the second floor displays Morioka's history and the treasures of the southern house. There is also a cafe (restaurant "uncome").