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Opening time 8:30 to 16:30
closing day New Year
cost ▼ Single entrance fee General 350 yen (300 yen)
Senior university student 250 yen (200 yen)
Primary and secondary students 150 yen (100 yen)
※ (20 or more) group rate ▼ common admission fee
(Kenji Miyazawa Memorial Museum, Kenji Miyazawa's school, Kenji's school, Hanamaki Nitobe Memorial Museum, Hanamaki City Museum)
General: Common room for two buildings 550 yen / common room 800 yen / common room 1,000 yen High university student: Common space for two buildings 350 yen / common room 550 yen / common room 650 yen Elementary and junior high school students: common room 200 yen / three halls Common 300 yen / common to the library 400 yen
location 〒 025-0014
Hanamaki City Takamatsu 26-19
contact information Tel: 0198-31-2211
Fax: 0198-31-2213
transportation Railway: Tohoku Shinkansen, Kamaishi Line "Shinhanamaki Station" get off about 2 km, 20 minutes on foot, 3 minutes by car.
Bus: From Shin-Hanamaki Station, go to Hanamaki Station Ito Yokado and get off at the Kenji Miyazawa Memorial Hall, a 5-minute walk. From Hanamaki Station for Haruyama, get off at "Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall", 3 minutes on foot (Buses run every hour from Shinhanamaki Station / Hanamaki Station, get off in front of Memorial Hall).
Car: 8 km from Hanamaki Station, 20 minutes by car. 9 km from the Tohoku Expressway Hanamaki IC or Hanamaki Minami IC, 15 minutes by car. 10 minutes by car 5 km from Kamaishi Expressway Hanamaki Airport IC. 6 km from Hanamaki Airport, 10 minutes by car (the time and distance are approximate).
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Opened in October 1996. The “Kenji School” has five zones: “Fantastic Hall”, “Space”, “Tenku”, “Daichi” and “Water”, and you can experience the world of Kenji's fairy tales. In addition to Kenji's School, the Miyazawa Kenji Children's Village also has “Galactic Station”, “Galactic Station Square”, “Small Fairy Path”, “Sky Sky Square”, “Yamano Grass Garden”, “Kenji's Classroom” etc. But it has become an "easy learning" facility that you can play happily.