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Opening time 10:00 to 17:00 (April to November)
10: 00-16: 00 (December-February)
closing day Every Wednesday / New Year
cost free entrance
location 〒 025-0004
Hanamaki-shi 83 8-283-1
contact information Tel: 0198-26-2773
Fax: 0198-26-1158
E-mail: hbmk@f7.dion.ne.jp
transportation Car: 3 minutes from Hanamaki Airport, 5 minutes from JR Hanamaki Airport Station, 10 minutes from JR Shinhanamaki Station and Kenji Miyazawa Memorial Hall.
home page Hanamaki Bunkamura Gallery


The specified non-profit corporation Hanamaki Cultural Village Council of the administration administration organization received the National Cabinet Secretary Award in October 2003, the National Hometown Creation Award (sponsored by the association to create tomorrow's Japan, etc.). In keeping with the spirit of Kenji Miyazawa's philosophies, the project aims to create a rich society, fostering local artists, developing handmade specialties, creating classrooms for elementary and junior high school students, and inviting events for artists. In the village, there are "Science Building", "Multipurpose Hall", pottery hut "Mafu-Sen", etc., with "Seiun-an" which is a soba restaurant and gallery as the center, "Creation space" and "Care space" We aim at the creation of three spaces of "space of interchange".