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Opening time 9:00-17:00
closing day New Year
cost General 200 yen (150 yen) / small and middle school students 100 yen (50 yen)
※ (20 or more) group rate
location 〒 028-3203
Hanasaki City Osako-cho Osako 3-39-1
contact information Tel: 0198-29-4567
transportation Bus: From Morioka Bus Center to "Osako", "Kamaishi", "Ofunato" (50 minutes). From JR Hanamaki or Ishitogaya Station to "Osako" (30 minutes), get off at the Osako Bus Terminal, 5 minutes on foot.
Car: 40 minutes from JR Hanamaki Station. 20 minutes from JR Ishitogaya Station. 30 minutes from Dohoku Expressway Hanamaki IC.
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We will introduce the nature of Hayaike Peak and the introduction of Hayaike Mine Kagura, and excavated materials from the ruins of the city. In addition, practice such as experiential learning that utilized excavation data. You can see how to arrange and restore materials such as buried cultural property and excavated pottery.