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Opening time 9:00-17:00 (until 16:30)
closing day Every Monday (if the holiday is a weekend the next Tuesday)
Last Tuesday of the month / New Year
cost General 300 yen (240 yen) / high school student 200 yen (160 yen) / elementary and junior high school student 100 yen (80 yen)
※ (30 or more) group rate ※ Every month on the second saturday, 2.4 s, more than five elementary and junior high school students in the city, entrance fee half price ▼ Morning or common museum common ticket
Two buildings 350 yen / 4 buildings 650 yen (Kei Hara Memorial Hall, First Person Memorial Hall, Children's Science Hall, Learning Center of the ruins, Central Public Hall local literature materials display room, Morioka Tegami Hall. Valid for 1 year)
location 〒 020-0866
Morioka City Honmiya Jakuyashiki 2-2
contact information Tel: 019-659-3338
Fax: 019-659-3387
E-mail: senjinkinenkan@city.morioka.iwate.jp
transportation バ ス Bus》 From Morioka Station or Morioka Bus Center, get off at the end of the journey to the “First Person Memorial” (about 30 minutes).
<< Taxi >> About 10 minutes from Morioka Station.
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At the People's Museum built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization, we introduce 125 people who have been active in each field since the Meiji era and have built the foundation of the rich spiritual culture of the local Morioka.