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Management organization
Opening date May 23, 2006
Number of seats
Opening time 9:00-21:30 (Please see the website for opening hours of each facility)
closing day New Year
Attached facilities There is a dining room There is a cafe room
Parking Lot There is paid parking lot
location 〒 020-0045
Morioka City Morioka Station Nishidori 1-7-1
contact information Tel: 019-606-1717
Fax: 019-606-1716
E-mail: info@aiina.jp
home page Aina

Facility Equipment Details

8F Conference room, training room 7F Iwate Prefectural University Aina campus, conference room, training room, Aina hall 6F Child care support center, senior activities exchange plaza, youth activities exchange center Gender equality center, NPO activity exchange center 5F, gallery Aina, international Exchange Center-Environmental Learning Exchange Center 4F Iwate Prefectural Library-Iwate Prefectural Viewing Information Center-Prefectural Citizens Plaza 3F Iwate Prefectural Library-General Information-Iwate Hope Plaza-Iwate Future Development Organization 2F Car Safety Driving Center-Housing Consultation Corner-Iwate Prefecture Passport Center 1F Morioka Driver's License Center