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Management organization Hanamaki City Board of Education
Opening date August 18, 1959
Number of seats Large hall: 1,100 fixed seats 1,100 seats for the mother and child rooms 1,105 total seats Medium hall: 300 movable seats
Opening time 9:00-21:30
closing day Every Tuesday, the day after the public holiday New Year's holiday (12/28 to 1/3)
Attached facilities Meeting room: 8 rooms Exhibition room: 1 room Others: 6 rooms
Parking Lot Free parking available Free parking: 400
location 〒 025-0097
Wakaba-cho, Hanamaki 3-16-22
contact information Tel: 0198-24-6511
Fax: 0198-22-4321
E-mail: bkkaikan@city.hanamaki.iwate.jp
home page Hanamaki City Cultural Center | Hanamaki City

Facility Equipment Details

Other equipment

  • Rest rooms
  • Large hall parent and child room
  • Dressing room office