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name Chag Chag Mako (ち ゃ ぐ こ)
Venue Takizawa City / Morioka City
Opening period June 2nd Saturday
contact information Takizawa City Tourism Association
tel: 019-601-6327

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Summary of the festival

A traditional event that appreciates farm horses. Horses and owners who have been dressed in colorful costumes will visit Chimae Shrine early in the morning, and will take approximately 5 hours to Morioka Hachimangu Shrine. The day before, it is full of Chaguchagu Mako Festival. Selected as an intangible folk cultural asset of the country in 1978 (Showa 53). In addition, in 1996, it was selected by the Environment Agency (currently Ministry of the Environment) as "100 Japanese Sound Scenery I Want to Leave".

Origin / origin of the festival

Chag Chag Mako was born from "Aima spirit" represented by the Southern Curved House. When horses were still used for farming work, events set up as the only rest day during the farming season are now transmitted. In addition, "small cargo costumes" attached to Chaguchagu Mako is a remnant of the Daimyo procession, and it is an event where the history is alive.

Traffic access

20 minutes by car from JR Morioka Station to Takimae Shrine ・ 30 minutes by bus from JR Morioka Station and get off at Takizawa Office