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name Kitakami / Michinoku Performing Arts Festival (Kitakami / Michino Kugei no Matsuri)
Venue Kitakami
Opening period August 7-9
contact information Kitakami Tourism Association
tel: 0197-65-0300

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Summary of the festival

One of the six major festivals in Tohoku. It started for the purpose of folklore and appreciation of the performing arts, and over 100 groups from within and outside the prefecture, including "Ki-gamine dance", "Suka dance", "Kagura", "Taju dance" and "Nembutsu dance", met in Show off the local performing arts. As the finale of the festival, “Torokko Sink” (light lantern sink) and a fireworks display are held.

Traffic access

About 5 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Kitakami Ezuriko IC ・ About 3 minutes on foot from JR Kitakami Station