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name Dish simmering (Funekko nagashi)
Venue Near Morioka City Meiji Bridge and Yufa Se Bridge
Opening period August 16
contact information Morioka Tourism Association
tel: 019-621-8800

Summary of the festival

Fire the firewood to the agate decorated with lanterns and tray offerings and pour it over the river. It is an event of the tray to send the spirits of ancestors and pray for no illness.

Origin / origin of the festival

It is the beginning that the daughter of the Morioka 藩 藩 藩 行 行 信 大 大 大 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後 そ の 後In addition, since then, it has become popular among the people of the town

Traffic access

About 15 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Morioka IC · About 10 minutes on foot from JR Morioka Station to Yufa Se Bridge