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name Kita-Uwaha Nanyadoraya Tournament
Venue Yono-cho
Opening period August 18
contact information Yono-cho Ono Government building area promotion section
tel: 0194-77-2111

Summary of the festival

"Nana Do Yara" refers to the Bon Odori Pass, which travels to Iwate Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture, and the former southern part of Akita Prefecture. It is said to be Japan's oldest Bon festival dance. A dance contest will be held on the special stage of Ono Elementary School in addition to the street sink on the day. The meaning of Zen is still unknown, and there are various theories such as Hebrew, dialects, ancient war songs, peasants' dissatisfaction and jealousy of powers at the time, men and women.

Traffic access

About 60 minutes by car from Hachinohe Expressway Karume IC ・ 15 minutes by car from JR Kashiwahama Station