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Name of the festival Venue Opening period contact information Summary of the festival
Moving Tanabata
Rikuzentakata City August 7 Rikuzentakata City Tourism Association
tel: 0192-54-5011
A colorful festival where about a dozen floats are decorated with colored Azabu each year and walks through the city.
Hiraizumi capital letter festival
(Hirai mi dai monji festival)
Hiraizumi August 16 Hiraizumi Town Tourism Association
tel: 0191-46-2110
Fujiwara 4th and Gen Yoshitsune, a festival for the good luck and ancestral offerings of the family members of Yoshitsune. Tsubameyama (Tabashineyama) towering on the town border with Higashiyama-machi in Ichinoseki city is compared with Higashiyama in Kyoto city, and a 200-meter "big" letter is drawn in a stroke order with a flame, and the night sky is dyed red. The fire used at the festival is from the "Immortal Lawlights" of Chusonji Main Hall.
Round collar
(Kayano clam)
Hanasaki City Osako-cho June 30 Tanaka Shrine / July 31 Atago Shrine Osako Town Tourism Association
tel: 0198-48-2111
Under the torii gate, the Kaya leaves form an oval circle symbolizing a "woman", and it is a custom of cleaning it three times.
Ofunato City Summer Festival
(Ofuna to Shina Matsuri)
Ofunato July 28th and 29th, August 6th and 7th Ofunato City Chamber of Commerce
tel: 0192-26-2141
According to Kesen Raku Hakuko, Ofuna and Tsubaki Onto, and Ofunadori Ondo, the Andon Goddess enlivens the venue after a lively dance on the way. The climax of the festival is the thousands of fireworks displays. Above all, underwater fireworks are worth seeing. In addition, the traditional Andon Tanabata Festival will be held in Sorimachi on July 7-8.
Kuji Minato Fish Festival
(Kujiminato, fish Festival)
Kuji Late July Kuji City Tourism Association
tel: 0194-52-2111
It is an event to pray for great fishing, voyage, and family safety, and Kagura is dedicated to Suwa Shrine behind Kuji Bay. On the sea there is a "Mikoshi-no-mori", and many ships carrying large fishing flags parade in Kuji Bay. The annual fireworks display is also getting bigger year by year and has become a highlight. At the same time, in the fish market, there will be a sale of seafood products and various events.
Ichinoseki City Kawasaki Town thin clothes Early August Kawasaki Village Tourism Association
tel: 0191-43-2112
At the beginning of August, Aragami-mochi is found in the town area, and there is a traditional "Otototori" battle at around 9:30 pm. In recent years, spectators from hometown gather as events that can not be seen in other towns and villages.
Ichinoseki summer festival
(Ichinosuke Festival)
Ichinoseki August 1st to Sunday Ichinoseki Tourism Association
tel: 0191-23-2350
Decorate with colorful bamboo decorations in the city and open the curtain with the "Tanabata Festival". On the second day of the day, the second "Course Taiko" is followed, and in the evening, the "Kurukuru Dance Large Parade". On the final day, the “Children's Tanabata Shinto Tournament” and “Adult Shinto Pass” will be held.
Mizusawa Summer Festival
(Mizusawa Festival)
Oshu City Mizusawa Ward August 1st Saturday-Sunday Mizusawa Chamber of Commerce
tel: 0197-24-3141
The main street of the city is a walker's paradise, and there are "Suizawa Zatsuka Festival", "Suizawa Taikoren Grand Festival", "Children's Mikoshi" and "God's God's Passover". The Mizusawa Zatsuka Festival, which dances to a new folk song that was born in 1959, is a masterpiece of over 5,000 dance groups. About 200 drums from various places gather in one place at "Suizawa Taikoren Taiban" and attract the audience with its powerful sound. Also, on the 12th, about 10,000 fireworks will light up the night sky, with Lake Sawa River as the venue.
Soishi stone chat
(Shishikui Shisha Festival)
Shizukuishi Mid August Shizukuishi-cho Commerce and Industry Tourism Division
tel: 019-692-2111
It is said that the beauty of Kyoto beauty will be drawn, and women in the praised beauty "Shenishi Anekko" in the form of gorgeous hand dances according to the chopsticks of a folk song "Shoseki Yoshenashi" that is sung and inherited in the Shizukuishi region. Do the parade. A deep-knit figure in dark blue is a formal dress that has been handed down from the Edo period. A variety of events will be played, such as the performance of the Shinto Pass, the performance of the drum group, and the local performing arts on the stage.
Fukuda Dolls Festival Ninohe City Two male and female puppet dolls are made and tied to the pillars of the Takashimizu shrine, and people in the area take care of places that they are in a bad condition in their bodies, rubbing pains with rice crackers and hanging them through the strings. Finally, we make a procession to go to the Appi River, drop the puppet from the bridge, and pray for the fall of the plague and the full-year work.