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name Kawaguchi Aki Festival (Kawaguchi Aki Festival)
Venue Iwate
Opening period Late September
contact information Iwate Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry
tel: 0195-62-2111

Summary of the festival

The Kawaguchi Aki Festival is known for its daimyo matrix called Dokkoi. In addition, it is said that Inari Kagura dances with red costumes, red hoods, and a white-collared face dance are also known as Inari Kagura.

Origin / origin of the festival

The Akiura Daimyo procession has a 700-year tradition, serving as a leader in the case of the Kamiguchi Pass of the Kawaguchi Toyogi Inari Shrine Example Festival and the Gokyo.

Traffic access

About 25 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Takizawa IC · Get off at JR Iwate Kawaguchi Station