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Name of the festival Venue Opening period contact information Summary of the festival
Iwate-cho Autumn Festival
(Iwatemachi Aki Festival)
Iwate Town Numa Miyauchi October 2 to 4 Iwate Town Tourism Association
tel: 0195-62-2760
It is held every three days from October 2 to celebrate the good harvest of the year. Five to six floats decorated with dolls and artificial flowers walk through the town. It is said to be known as the Numa Miyauchi Festival, and Koma Odori, Lion dance, Seven dances, Kitakami River Kiyori Taiko also participate, and enliven the festival.
Kamaishi Festival
(I will do it)
Kamaishi Friday, Saturday, Sunday including the third Sunday of October Kamaishi Tourism Association
tel: 0193-22-5835
During the day, a boating event is held to dedicate the shrine to Ozaki Shrine by boat, and a gorgeous drawback with a large fishing flag parades the sea. During the period, tiger dance, kagura, floats, hand dances, etc. are performed on the main streets of the city. On the final day, the shrines of both shrines travel through the city and climax.
Kuji Aki Festival
(Kujiaki Festival)
Kuji September 17-19 Kuji City Tourism Association
tel: 0194-52-2111
A float rides out of each town, and in conjunction with the shrine, the main street in the city is walked along on the 17th "Odori" and the 19th "Return". Local entertainment parade is held during the day, and the festival is enlivened.
(Future Festival)
Fushiro Village Late September Fushiro Village Tourism Association
tel: 0194-35-2115
A gorgeous float wafts through the city while playing drums and whistles. There will be lively events such as Nakano Nagare 7 birds, dancing dances, fireworks displays, singing and folk songs shows, entertainment festivals, and so on.
Ninohe Festival
(Ninohe Festival)
Ninohe City September 1st-Sunday Ninohe City Tourism Association
tel: 0195-23-3111
At the festival of the Inukai Inari Shrine, the Kagura-den is staged with the dance of the gods of Japanese mythology, "Kyoka-kagura", and various flowing floats come out from within each town on the street of the city.
Southern beef memorial service national convention
(What are you saying?)
Iwaizumi September last Saturday, Sunday Southern beef Memorial National Convention Executive Committee
tel: 0194-22-2111
It is a national competition to compete for "Southern beef chase."
Takada Town Five Year Festival Rikuzentakata City A festival once in five years that began in 1955 by unifying the festivals of the Ice Shrine and the Amaterasu Oso Shrine. Events such as more than 300 Shinto shrines, floats and way dances are held on the main street. Recently, it was held in 2000.
Seven children Oshu-shi Igawaku Originally "does not eat the meat of birds and animals until the age of seven, and eats for the first time at the celebration of" Susumu-san "on the day after finishing this visit". After carrying a 7-year-old child back from the house (without stepping on the soil) to the Mimine Shrine, after completing worship and prayers, celebrate and eat with Ohurumee (congratulation).