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name Hirashima Nadesuri (Hirakami wadori)
Venue Hachimantai
Opening period January 8
contact information Hachimantai City Tourism Association
tel: 0195-78-3500

Summary of the festival

Praying for diseaselessness, family safety, and five-grained fertility, by having a hard time in the cold. Participants watered in cold water, in front of God, cast a speech and left Miyata Shrine at 9 am. The leader of the Naked Festival Preservation Society is followed by the priests, the streamers, the gifts, the candlesticks, the offerings, the sacred sake and so on, and the woman who holds the shrine and bells will follow later. Started by women who defended their guns during the war, the "Hiratsuki Nadesuri" is regarded as an unprecedented female raid.

Traffic access

About 10 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Nishine IC ・ About 20 minutes by car from JR Oitara Station