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National designated, Important intangible folk cultural property
Classification Tayu Odori
name Yamaya's Tayu Odori
Designated date January 21, 1982
Holding group Yamaya Taedashi Preservation Association
location Shinamicho Yamaya

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Yamaya's Tayu Odori


The good harvest prayer events held around January 15 of the lunar calendar on January 15 have been widely transmitted throughout the country, but in the Tohoku region, the Tajudori dance is widely distributed as this kind of celebration event. Unlike "Niwata planting" dancing in Niwa (inner garden and doma) in the southern part of the prefecture, Yamaya's "Takaideshi" dances in a sitting area with a dance that connects the premonition of the Saotome (Shomeme) and the interval between them. It is called. Starting from the front door, "Sanban (the)", "Seisei" and "Joseon 18" dance with the chopsticks, "Naseyo Kosua", played by three persons, "Sen, Koi, 18" "Dance dance" of children, "Saotome" danced by a female crossdresser, "Our inspection" to see the results of rice planting on a horse made by the young husband, "Morimusuri", which is a preparatory work of Sanaburi・ We play "Sanaburi preparation" such as rice with rice, "Shiro Aoi" who dances to wash work clothes, "rice harvesting" which is dance of autumn harvest, and one year rice production process with song and dance in sequence I see. In addition, entertainment such as lion dance is added, and there are also funny questions and answers between the eighteen (Ipachi) and the front of the torso, or the eighteen wife (during pregnancy), which is added to the progress. The “Tsubaki-furi”, a beautifully rotating flower vase with a head of a Saotome on her head, has been developed as a rice-planted dance with a very diverse range of performances, with the events of the early spring celebration celebrating the style of the festival. It conveys the characteristics of the local Tae Odori well and is of high value.

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