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Name of the festival Venue Opening period contact information Summary of the festival
A rabbit
Ninohe City February (6th of Chinese New Year) Ninohe City Tourism Association
tel: 0195-23-3111
At the event to tell the condition of the products of the year, pile firewood and set fire with it.
Smite Festival
(Sumisuke Festival)
Yado town February 1st Saturday Yado Town Tourism Association
tel: 019-697-2111
In order to pray for no fire and no illness, "Sudakidoki" is held, putting a smile on each other's face.
Yunozawa Naked Festival
(Yunosawa is a festival)
Nishiwaga-cho Yunosawa Old calendar December 12 Nishiwaga-cho Yuda Government Office Tourism and Industry Division
tel: 0197-82-3290
A brave festival where young people who gather at Yamakasa Shrine dive into the river nakedly and cleanse themselves.
Mountain God's event Hanasaki City Osako-cho In each family, make a shojin dish for two people (the mountain god is for women and children), and arrange the chopsticks in the Oku Shrine of the mountain Shinto shrine and honor it.
Sano contract meeting induction ceremony Ofunato Inauguration ceremony of regional contract lectures that continue from Kanaga 4 (1851). A 17-year-old boy and girl read the oath and drank a cup.
Udai Komi Ofunato We visit Otami Shimin Shrine with a large fishing flag and a boat name flag borrowed from dried bamboo and a fishing boat by local children and pray for a large fishing. After that, we throw a kite into the sea and gate the houses in the area.
Kumano Shrine Suminmin Festival Oshu City Esashi Ward January 14-15 It is said that it was transmitted from Kuroishi-ji Temple (Osuzawa-shi Mizusawa-ku), and it will be held at the Kumano Shrine grounds and in front of the moon from 14th to 15th of New Year.
Moshi Temple 20th Night Festival Hiraizumi January 20 This event is held every year on the 20th of March at Motsu-ji Temple Tsuyago-do. Fire-raising and dances are also held.