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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Ken dance
name Kami-Katsuma Nembutsu Kembu-Benbu
Designated date April 28, 1995
Holding group Upper Shitatsu Nembutsu Kenburen
location Morioka City Kamikatoma

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As for the origin, three volumes of scrolls have been transmitted to the Niwamoto family, and one of them was written by Nembutsu Taiko of Hikobe-mura (now Shiba-cho) in Shode 3 (1713) and was transmitted to the villages of various people. It is said that he was handed over to Katatsuma village during the cultural year (1804-18). In addition, another scroll is said to have been handed over in 12 (1762). The composition is around 14 dancers in Tauo (Yamotomoto), Taijo Tai, Okagane and Sasara. The group goes in a procession, goes to the destination, and travels in front of bridges, gates, monuments and other remarkable things as they go, and it is circulated as "complement bridge", "complement portal", "complement garden", dance "garden Five songs of "Maki", "Samurai swing", "Inside", "Censored", and "Tailed". The hall is exceptionally large, and the fifth floor tower and its decorations are also luxurious. Around the cocoon, a dronoki kangara is attached like a windsock, and when it shakes, it spreads a skirt and it is beautiful.

Main performance place

Omatsu-ji Temple (August)